Probate Litigation in Beaverton, OR

In a perfect world, the estate of an individual will be distributed to rightful heirs without any issues. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is far from perfect. Mark John Holady Attorney at Law is here to support you throughout probate litigation in Beaverton, OR, and surrounding areas. Reach out to our litigation attorney today to assist you with your situation. Mark has years of experience working as a probate attorney in Beaverton, OR.

Trusting Our Litigation Attorney

After the death of an individual, his or her estate will go through probate court to determine the state of the property. This step is necessary to identify assets, decide on any required payment of taxes and other expenses, and distribute the property among heirs who have been listed in the will.

While many choose to complete the estate planning process to designate heirs and other final wishes, others simply do not take the time to make their requests known. In these situations, a court battle among those still living will likely result. Probate litigation can also occur if there is a challenge to the validity of a will or trust.

Receive personalized guidance for your situation by turning to our litigation attorney. We understand that emotions are high during these difficult times, and we are here to help you deal with your stress.

Results In Action

It is important to remember that even with proper planning, it is impossible to avoid estate-related contests. However, estate planning can help drastically reduce the amount of time that an estate is tied up in the legal system.

Throughout our years in practice, we have assisted with countless litigation cases. Our goal is to ensure that the last wishes of loved ones are met. The following are two examples of Mark John Holady's expertise at work:

The Lying Heir

Years ago, I worked on a small estate.  At that time, a small estate had no more than $75,000 in assets.  Bob had filed the paperwork, saying that he and his brother Billy were the only heirs of their uncle.  Bob then took the bank funds, some $74,000, bought a camper, bought a time-share unit, and squandered the rest.

Bob, of course, was not the only heir.  While the uncle was a bachelor, he had nephews, nieces, siblings, and cousins.  All had attended the uncle’s funeral.  Bob had bid them adieu and gone straight to an attorney’s office.  Based on Bob’s misinformation, the attorney drew up the paperwork, and Bob sent it to his brother to sign.  His brother, a vice-president of a state bank, knew the paperwork was wrong but signed it anyway.

The Competent Mom

Twenty-three years ago, I represented an elderly woman’s daughter.  The woman’s niece had filed paperwork to say her aunt (my client’s mom) could no longer take care of herself, or more importantly, her finances.  The niece knew just who the conservator should be – herself, of course.  Mom was elderly, a widow, and had a house and a garden to maintain.  Admittedly, it was a bit much for her.  There was no internet back then, email was non-existent, and cell phones were few.  Mom didn’t like paying long-distance telephone charges and kept to herself.  Her daughter, my client, protested that her mom didn’t need a conservator to handle her finances, even if an occasional hand cleaning the house would be appreciated.

Rather than roll over, Mom demanded a hearing. So we all trooped down to the courthouse one hot sunny afternoon.  I’d like to say my brilliant oratory persuaded the judge and parties.  We put forth a strong case, but the judge was impassive.  Mom’s eloquent if sternly spoken rebuttal of her niece’s allegations carried the day.  The agreement between my client’s testimony, Mom’s statement and the statements of another child confirmed the judge’s feeling.  The niece lost, and Mom remained living independently.

That’s when I got involved to wrest the money back and pay it to the uncle’s legal heirs.

Do you need help with a complicated case? Mark John Holady is available to provide you with probate assistance in Beaverton, OR, as well as cities throughout Oregon and Washington. All you have to do is contact him and his team at (503) 646-5454 and let him know about your needs. We are available to meet with you, review your case, and discuss what options are available to you. It is our goal to ensure the last wishes of your loved one are met.